Gender Neutral Nurseries and Kids' Rooms

Decorating nurseries as “gender neutral” has been a growing trend for a couple of years now, 
perhaps linked to more parents’ decision to wait until birth to find out the sex of the baby? This trend toward neutrality can also continue as the child grows, with gender neutral kid rooms, especially with shared spaces. When it comes to decorating for kids, what does gender neutral mean? What picture comes to mind when you think of that phrase? 

For some families, neutral is the keyword. With tone-on-tone whites or grays, for instance, the color scheme is distinctly neutral. These neutrals provide a soothing, calming space and work well for both sexes and varying ages, making it also a good fit for shared spaces.

Sometimes, gender neutral means not focusing on traditional colors of blue for boys and pink for girls, but using other colors for either sex.

You can also play with using traditional colors in nontraditional ways.


 Remember the shared spaces mentioned above? Certainly, having kids share a room is nothing new! There has been increased interest, though, in how to decorate those rooms to make them enjoyable for both kids, whether boys, girls or a mix. Usually when having a little boy and girl share a room, the palate centers on a neutral color, such as white, with small pops of color.

 Another great way to decorate a gender neutral room is to base it around a theme, instead of a color. For kids, neutral themes such as safari, circus, chevron, woodland, or zoo would all work well, as would a favorite children’s story, such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar or Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

What is your favorite nursery style?