3 tiny things to a better YOU!

We all make big goals and resolutions at the beginning of the year ( remember New Years Eve?) But more often than not, by the time spring rolls around, our BIG and AMBITIOUS dreams and goals are likely to loose its glamor, and that special diet and that promising exercise routine slowly but surely, loose their grip. 


Who wants to be stuck at the gym when the weather is finally up in the 70s, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the allergies are flourishing...well, I am getting off topic here....


And before you know it, 10 pounds have crept back up to your waistline and settled cosily in their little houses: the Love handles.(the name is so romantically deceitful!) 

You are tired before noon, and exhausted by 5pm, and your skin is drab and dull even under that expensive foundation you bought.

 The answer is easy!



Here are the 3 simple things I will be doing for the next 30 days:

More than 75% of people are dehydrated on a regular basis. I totally made it to that group!! 
I only drink water when my mouth is actually too dry to open or speak.
I won't bore you with all the health problems that can and do occur due to lack of water in our bodies, but I will tell you this:

- If your ultra-smooth, super-expensive, Oprah-approved liquid foundation cakes on your face- you need more water!

-If you find yourself paying visits to the porcelain throne without much success ( no need to be grossed out here- its all medical talk here)  - you need more water!  

- If you feel tired and sleepy after that 3rd cappuccino-macchiato- frappuccino thing - guess what?

So be a darling and drink more water, ok?

I will be taking it super slow, with 3 full glasses a day and work my way up to 5-6.

Sounds simple, right? And totally un-ambitious. "Shouldn't you write here WORK OUT FOR 45MIN EVERYDAY ?"- you ask me. 
And the answer is NO. Because that would be another BIG goal. That will most likely fail after a few days. We want to stick with something small, remember? 

Sure you can find 9 min a day to do 3 sets of lunges!!

Your thighs will thank you. 

( But If you find yourself in a situation, where you are ready and willing to do 30-45 min workout, please DO IT. )

Every self-respecting woman knows that sleeping with your makeup is a big NO-NO! But we do it anyways. With a million excuses up our sleeve:

Does BB cream count as makeup?
I cried, and the tears washed all my makeup away.
I need the smoky eyes tomorrow
I am too tired ( well , that's a classic)
I did not wear that much anyways
I am lazy, I admit it!

Well, well, well. We have all been there. Just pull yourself together, girl, and DO IT!

Wash your face with a facial cleanser every night! No excuses! 

Don't overwhelm yourself with a complicated nightly routine, with all the toners, and cleansers and serums and moisturizers... Just wash your face- this is our tiny rule to stick to.

 If you reach for a moisturizer after the wash, because your face feels like a dry tatami mat ( no pointing fingers please) - that's great! If not, leave it be! You did what you were supposed to for now, so pat yourself on the shoulder.

So here there are, my 3 tiny things that will lead to big changes! 

DRINK MORE WATER- feel better, energized, restore your bowels, plump up your skin.
DO LUNGES- tones those thighs, butt and core.
WASH YOUR FACE BEFORE BED- let your skin breath, restore and glow in the morning.

Care to join me? Let's do it and share results afterwards!