Etsy Talent - ISRAEL

If you don't like to browse Etsy - we can't be friends. So much talent there, it is simply impossible to keep
emotionally calm. Every other minute I'm like :

"Oh, that is so cool!"


"Damn!, why didn't I think of it" ( pouting face)

I add a lot of items to my favorites, and when i feel completely un-inspired  ( yes, those days happen),
I re-visit my loooooong list of visual candy.

During my last 'inspirational session', I noticed that many Etsy artists that I favored, work and create in Israel. What a talented country!

Enjoy some of my favorite fashion goodies.

Have you ever bought clothing from Etsy?
How was your experience?
What about shoes?

Tell me in the comments below!

( All sources are on my Pinterest board "Etsy talent")