Swaddling Memoirs

There was a moment at the hospital I remember so clear like it was yesterday.The visiting hours were over and I was in a room by myself with a tiny baby in a clear shoebox-like container next to my bed.

While she was peacefully sleeping, I had a mini tsunami of emotions swirling in my gut.

 It was a mixture of excitement, relief, happiness and fear - all melted in one big pot of soup.

Do I pick her up?

But why? She is sleeping..

But why not??? I want to hold her!

What if I break her? What if she cries and I wont be able to sooth her?

Now how do I pick her up..? Uhhhmmm...

I could not imagine that a few months later, I would be able juggle three hundreds things simultaneously with a baby propped on my hip.

And to help me get there I will forever be grateful to one person - my mom.

She was there almost everyday  and she taught me everything. First and foremost - SWADDLING!

Thank you , thank you, thank you - goes to the large squarish cotton sheet we call swaddling blanket!
Thank you for gently embarrassing my baby in your soft, cozy layers. Thank you for your great artistry of re-creating that safe, little space she called home for 9 months, thank you for soothing her in your breathable comforting cocoon.

Once I mastered the technique of swaddling, which my dear mom has faithfully kept in her memory for 26 years, just so she could pass it on to me, my life has gotten so much better!
I learned , in a few swift moves, to turn the screaming, cranky, so-want-to-sleep-but-I-can't baby, into a quiet little burrito, snoozing away into a sweet sleeping babyland....Aaaah!

Now, whenever I see a kicking and screaming tiny little baby, a couple months old, and trying so hard to fall asleep in his/her designer little onesie...I think to myself: :I could wrap that little thing into a nice sleeping bundle like a pro!"

"So what is this magic swaddling blanket you are talking about?" - you ask me.

Well, it is just a simple large sheet of fabric.

BUT... there are some rules:

  •  It must be natural fiber, like cotton, in order to breath and not overheat the baby

  • It must be large, in order to wrap the baby correctly and to last a while

  • It must have a cool, hip pattern on it, because your baby deserves to look like a STYLISH burrito!
There are a lot of debates out there on whether you should swaddle babies these days. But if you ask me, it is a matter of a personal choice. To me it was an easy and natural way to sooth my kids. I saw that they needed it, and I gave it to them, in accordance with basic safety rules, of course. Like, never put your swaddling baby on its stomach. Duh??!! Or don't wrap your baby too tight. Again, duh??!!

And when the need for swaddling decreases, you will see it, you will feel it.
The baby will fight you, will kick more, will cry...And you will know- he/she has outgrew swaddling.

But even when that happened to me, I found myself using the swaddling sheet in so many other ways!

  • Covering the baby during nap time - lightweight and breathable, it was perfect for naps in an air conditioned room-  the baby wasn't cold and wasn't sweating either.

  • Covering up during breastfeeding. There comes the time for all breastfeeding new moms out there, when you are so exhausted and sleep-deprived, you don't care who sees your breasts anymore. The baby needs to eat? HERE. But let's face it - normal people, that are not super exhausted or sleep deprived,  feel just a little uncomfortable. So cover up with a light, cotton sheet, mommy!

  • Cover up in the stroller, cover up from the wind, cover up from the sunlight.

  • Set up an instant changing station anywhere.

  • Throw it in the diaper bag for "just in case". 

My swaddling sheet was the single most used item I had. 

With the exception of a sound machine, which my son still uses to this day and he is 5! Ha!

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And to complete this swaddling memoirs of mine, I will leave you with this link to get your swaddling skills up and going! 

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