DIY Facial Mask that fights pimples

Did you know that a good facial mask does not necessarily require a trip to the salon?
Just 2 ingredients that I guarantee you have in your kitchen, can help you dramatically improve your facial skin.



It comes together so easy!!

Simply grind some oatmeal into a powder. ( I used my NutriBullet.)
Separate the yolk from the egg white. ( Discard the yolk or use it the custard cream)
Beat the egg white with a folk until foamy.
Add 1-2teaspoons of oatmeal powder to the egg white, until you make a mass resembling baby food. The consistency is up to you - it should be easy to apply to a face. ( I ended up with 2 spoonfuls  per 1 egg white)
This masks will help to fight skin inflamation and nourish it with nutrients it needs. I love the fact that it contains no chemicals and is completely natural.

Still, you will most likely have too much of the stuff, so share it with your friend, mom, sister!

After applying it your clean face, wait 10 min, than rinse. I find it easier to use paper towel to remove.

Apply moisturizer. Best if used 2x week.

My skin felt velvety and smooth all day..I am not kidding!

Try it today and tell me if you liked it in the comments below!