Mojito - Turks and Caicos style

Sweet and tart wave of mint and lime slowly brings the long awaited coolness...
Hmmm... I can still feel the breezy warm air, and the hot sand stuck under my fingernails...

Every time I take a sip of a good Mojito, I get transfered to the beautiful island of Turks and Caicos.

It took a few days of stalking our beach bartender, but I finally had a receipe for this divine drink that I am sharing with you today.

Perhaps, this weekend, when the grill is finally taking a break, and everyone is so stuffed -they can't move, this refreshing drink will be just what you need.

Turks and Caicos Pineapple Mojito

You will need:

  • Lime
  • Ice
  • White rum ( Bambarra Silver is what he used)
  • Mint
  • Special sugar syrup
  • Juice of your preference
  • Shaker

First, prepare the Special sugar syrup ( you can keep the rest in the fringe, indefinitely)
Combine white sugar+brown sugar+honey with water ( 1:1 sweet mixture to water)
Slowly simmer until everything melts into a slighly thickened laquid/ syrop


Now, you are ready to put the drink together!

  1. Combine in a skaker:  8 leaves of mint + 1/2 lime juice+ 2-3 ice cubes 
  2. Shake, shake, shake to break up the mint with ice
  3. Add another1/2 lime juice, 5 tsp of syrup, 4 tbsp rum
  4. Shake, shake, shake to mix all together.
  5. Fill the 3/4 glass with ice
  6. Pour the mixture from the shaker over the ice ( up to you to strain or not, I actually like the pieces of mint in my drink, so I dont strain)
  7. Top of with a splash of Pineapple juice