Swimwear for little girls

You know what I realized this morning while packing my daughter's backpack for a day camp?
My poor baby does not have a decent swim suit!
After taking swimming classes twice a week during the whole school year, her 1-piece was mercilessly eaten by the chlorine in the pool. It is now a stretched-out, pale pinky thing that barely resembles that cute little bright neon pink/white striped swim suit with a saturated navy trim, I purchased just last year.

"My little princess deserves beauty"- I declared, and started a search on a mighty Internet.

I needed something stylish ( of course!), not too childish, not overly sweet or cutesy, NOT anything with Disney characters on it, and not expensive.

Here is my round up of little girls swimwear that are cute, bold and most importantly AFFORDABLE!
Because you know you going to buy her a new one next year!

Tell me your favorites in the comments below ;)

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