Roundup: Woman's Sleepwear

I recently found myself without a decent looking sleepwear for summer. Sure, I got tons of wife-beaters and old t-shirts, but let's admit - once you pass the breastfeeding period and your children sleep all though the night, there is really no excuse for looking drap and un-sexy in your sleepwear. So I set out to find myself a comfortable (!) and good-looking, feminine summer sleeping outfit.

 I toss during the night, and I really hate to get all tangled up and twisted in loose pajama pants or a nightgown. I quickly learned that during summer my best oprion is a fitted long tank top and shorts.

I am sharing my findings here in case you need to update your sleepwear too.

What do you wear to bed? And what qualities are you looking for when selecting sleepwear:
fiber, price,cuteness, sex appeal, comfort, classic feel, luxurious feel, elegance? Tell me in comments below!

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