Painted Ceiling

My daughter's room desperately needs a makeover!
When we moved in into our freshly renovated house, she was a under 2 year old, and LOVED to draw.
So when I was too busy being pregnant, nesting and unpacking boxes and organizing our stuff, she would draw on walls with a ballpoint pen. She managed to be pretty sneaky about it, and i missed to noticed it for a while... Anyways, between her drawings and greasy fingerprints I decided it was best to leave the walls as is and some time later just paint the whole room again.

Now this time has come and I cannot take it anymore.

I NEED to paint her room. Hence the makeover.

I was considering the new color, but after a while I realized, I am really drawn to white-walls- nurseries and kids rooms. Still I wanted a punch of color somewhere, and yesterday while browsing Pinterest I saw this:

I just loved the simplicity and neatness of this room. But notice how the walls are pretty quiet, while the CEILING gives the color punch. This is what I want now: white walls & colored ceiling.

My daughter requested color yellow for her room walls, but I am sure she will love seeing it up there instead.
It will look something like this:

Here are some more cool spaces where ceiling brings the A game:

( Love the colors and modern, Scandinavian inspired pattern)

( Very elegant and classic)

( How cool is that?!! Ceiling in the smoking area)

( Soft and barely there...but it does the trick)

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

( Black is not easy to pull off and it scares many people with its boldness, but when done right, can be quite dramatic and exquisite)

Would you paint your ceiling some color other than white?