ORGANIC kids bedding: What the heck is a duvet cover?

I have been incredibly busy with my Etsy shop and custom orders - that's good news! But I have completely neglected my blog- and that is really really sad :-(
I do want to start popping up here more often, to keep updates on my creative developments.

For today, I want to explore the land of duvets and duvet covers for kids.
As an immigrant from Eastern European country, I grew up using duvet covers on a regular basis. We really did not know any other way.
A duvet is French for "down". So nowadays under duvet, we assume any fluffy, stuffed comforter. When I was little, we would take any warm wool blanket or a down comforter ("duvet") and enclosed it into a bag-like cover, that would have buttons, zipper or ties as close the opening. Just like a pillow case you would take the duvet out at the end of the week and throw it in washing machine. Easy - peasy!
When we came to America, I learned about fitted and flat sheet. Fitted sheets  - Wow! What a revelation! We did not have those back where I was from, we used  flat sheets and tucked all the edges under a mattress, but the fitted sheet was so much better! But then what does one need a flat sheet for?? I was confused.
Later, when I stayed at the hotel for the first time, I learned the hard way that a flat sheet here is used for under the comforter. Waking up all tangled up in that sheet was....well..pretty annoying. I was an adult then, and it was difficult to imagine how people or kids, for that matter, sleep that way!
Anyways, I have nothing against a flat sheet, but we are not friends when it comes to covers. Until this day I use duvet covers and dearly miss them when on vacation. Luckily, I don't have to make the bed while on vacation, but my heart goes out to poor maids, who have to untangle my flat sheet from a giant ball it becomes by the morning.
All this talk about my discoveries in bedding dept is not meaningless, I do have a point. And here it is: if you want to make it easier on your kids during the night - use duvet covers for their blankets/comforters. Not only does it provide a more comfortable sleep, it is easy to wash and it can really change the look of the room in minutes! Plus making the bed is SO much simpler!

Another benefit of duvet covers: when your toddler is too big for that tiny, stamp-sized
 baby blanket (36x50 or less) but too small for a twin comforter, what do you do?? I found that some stores sell throws that are just the right size, around 40x50. Also, places like ToysRus or Target carry lots of Disney themed comforters/blankets that provide good coverage. If you anything like me, and enjoy seeing your child's room as a-well-designed-place that fits within the rest of your house, and not as if a cartoon has exploded there, then you might want to purchase a duvet cover, and hide those neon- bright, wide-eyed, polyester characters from the recent animated picture, with a fresh, modern, original cotton cover.

There are tons of online retailers carrying duvet covers, but if you want something unique and not mass-production-y, check out My Etsy shop - I just started making kids bedding! Duvet covers, pillow covers and fitted sheets. All custom sizes to fit your existing comforters, blankets and pillows. So just contact me via Etsy to get a quote. Or just email me: I can do twins as well.

I am using my ORGANIC cotton in 12 designs that arrived this summer.
( My 4 year old son was so sweet (!!) and gladly modeled for me)