Custom ottoman slipcover

This has been the longest blog-free break I have ever had. I have been busy with my Etsy shop and I just had to prioritize my duties.
Anyways, I have some pretty cool before & after photos of a project I worked on around the holidays. It was for my good friend and looks like they are happy with the result.
Take a look at the custom fabric design for an ottoman:

The "before" shot shows how the ottoman looked straight from the store. Not too bad, but my friend wanted a bit more personality and color.

 The "after" shot shows the new, custom designed ottoman cover. My friends LOVE books, so I used the idea of  a bookshelf that wraps around the sides. It features various books spines with different patterns, colors and sizes, as well as decorative objects that tend to rent some space on people's bookshelves. To make the ottoman a bit more practical and fun, I integrated a magazine pocket, and secret flap for their daughter with a cute surprise behind it.

I had such a blast designing it and it really pushed my thinking into "how would it look on the actual piece" kind of direction.
Hope to have more projects like this :)