Don't you feel like the owls are taking over? 
Here are some pretty owls on Etsy - just look at the variety!
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I keep seeing them everywhere, and have been resisting this owl-mania for quite a while. But I think, finally, I gave in.
Meet my new white owl umbrella stand.

But guess what I am using it for??

I keep my bread in there! We mostly buy long Italian loafs from a lovely bakery nearby, so I wanted something tall, to completely hide the bread in the plastic bag ( it keeps the bread softer longer)
None of the traditional bread boxes out there are long enough to do this, plus bread boxes take up a lot of counter space. But with this owl, I am able to keep the long bread loafs vertically and out of sight. :)

( the picture above shows yummy sesame bread rings, not bread loafs,we simply ran out of those ;)))

What have you re-purposed lately?