Library inspired fabric

Here is a little sneak peak of what I have been working on,
What do you think this is?

All right, I'll just tell you ;)

One of he readers of my blog have reached out for help to spruce up her living room. As a young family of three with an adorable little girl, they needed  fresh, modern fabrics to fit the feel of their new apartment. Frankly, they both have done a great job decorating their home - just needed a little help with textiles, such as throw pillows and a new fabric for an ottoman.
We quickly decided to do a custom fabric for the large brown ottoman.
The idea is - library bookshelves wrapped around the ottoman. Not only it is a unique, eye-catching design for two book-lovers, it also pick up and ties together all the colors in the room.Texture is inspired by Holli Zollinger, one of the most popular Spoonflower designers!

Cannot wait till it's all done!