Slowly, but surely...

Just like many other projects, my gallery wall beautification project, which I have started so enthusiastically, came to a halt. No, no, it is far from being finished... I just lost my inspirational wind, so to speak.
Slowly, I have been trying to gear myself up to the task, browsed through endless Etsy pages in hopes of some bright enlightenment, but nothing so far.
At times, I think I just take it way too seriously - it is just a matter of a few frames I have to fill with SOMETHING!!! But then again, I start to argue with myself - that SOMETHING is what we all going to look  numeruous times, everyday. And I want to be pleasing to the eye, well... not just my eye, but everyone in my household at least ( I already gave up the idea of pleasing everyone with my choices, it is really impossible!)
So while I still have3 large frames that are still empty... awaiting..., here are a couple of new additions I wanted to share:

My $2 wood carved elephant I picked up at a discount store. I had to freshen it up with some paint, as the original woody surface looked dingy and dirty (weirdly, on the photo it looks good as original, but trust me... it did not in reality!)

My take on a weathered painted patina....
I may paint it again with a brighter color, to pop more against the wall. Unless I paint the walls, then...not sure.

And another new resident on my wall is a photo collage of my kids:

Not only it did bring some color to the wall, but every time I look at it - my heart smiles!
That's what I mean by the "right" selection for the frames. Of course, I don't expect to smile by looking at every single piece on my wall, but I am searching for something special..:)

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