1 Bed- 3 Looks - 3 Ways to style a bed for a little girl

 1. Bright & Bold
Organic Duvet+Pillow Sham with Chartreuse leaves & birds from NewMomDesigns
Accent pillow cover with Large Coral chevron from NewMomdesigns
Trellis Sheet and Pillowcase in black/whitefrom Overstock.com

This is fun and cheerful color combination is suitable for a chatty, bubbly girl like my daughter. She loves color and all things nature! Colorful bedding looks especially bright and yammy on the white background. Add a few additional pops of color, like this Red Chair that doubles a side table. For artwork, you can simply tape your child's drawings with washi tape like this on the wall behind the bed to personalize the space even further.

 2. Lovely & Charming
Organic Duvet with Bullfinches from NewMomdesigns
Organic Pillow sham with mustaches from NewMomDesigns
Sheet made from "dearStella" fabric available at major fabric stores

This is for a shy, romantic girl. She is feminine and almost fairy like, with a quiet sophistication, but not without a sense of humor!
Style it with detailed objects, decorative details...This calls for things lacquered, antiqued, glossy with signs of patina, like an old handheld mirror and a jewelry/ music box.

3. Subtle Safari
Organic Duvet cover + Pillow sham with Happy Hippos from NewMomDesigns
Pillowcase made from "dearStella" fabric available at major fabric stores
Accent pillow cover with  Pink Delicate chevron from  NewMomDesigns

Your child loves African animals and trips to the zoo? You don't have to paint her room green and brown, and buy a bunch of stuffed lions and elephants. Jungle theme room can subtle and tasteful, and YES, it can be done for a girl! Pair the safari colors with soft pinks and peach and oranges for a summery, warm color palette. To style this bedding, you can pick up a bamboo side table or a tray at your local thrift store, get a couple simple wall decals like these, maybe a modern lamp - that's all you need to convey the theme.