Drawings come to life and become softies!

I already mentioned this on my Facebook page and just wanted to quickly share a bit more info about our newly added service: Making 3-D toys from your child's drawing. My mom is the genius behind this work and she LOVES it! 
Each toys is individual of course, there is no knowing in advance what materials she will have to use, once the order comes in, she goes on a hunt for the right fabrics, clean scraps, strings, trim, felt, buttons, rope, she even make use of old baby clothes ( because they are so soft and yummy!). So this is a GREAT way to upcycle and re-use INSTEAD of tossing. 

Very eco-friendly business if you ask me.

Here is another example of what I am talking about :

I am amazed at my mom's precision, she really tries to replicate the drawing to the tiniest details.
Imagine the expression on a child's face when they see their drawing came to life! My son was so surprised when I brought this out, he said "Oh!! I love him!" 
And hugged him tight. Oh....

Order your today and share your story!