How to put together an awesome baby shower gift.

Are you attending any baby shower parties this upcoming summer? Baby shower registry is one way to go about the gift, however if the only things that are left on it are crib, stroller and a fancy $500 monitor/camera, then you might want to consider putting together your own gift package. It will be more special and unexpected anyway! So go for it! Bear in mind some tips to help you really impress the new mom:

  • First and foremost, decide on the theme. Getting a few items that have a common idea or a theme running through will make them look and feel more coordinated and will elevate your gift.
  • Get 1 large item and add a few smaller ones. This way your gift will make it throught their house: one might end up on the wall in a nursery, the other in a stroller, and third on a baby! Everytime the new mom sees it, she will remember YOU as a thoughful gift giver.
  • Explore handcrafted gift ideas rather than mass-produced. Wouldn't it be so much more special to receive a unique minky blanket from an Etsy shop, for example, than seeing the same one on 5 other strollers, all from Target.  
  • Make sure to wrap each item within your package separately.Exploring multiple items within a gift package will prolong the coveted unwrapping experience, therefore making it a more special and memorable process.
  • Write a personal note with sincere wishes or share your own special moment of being a new mom.

As an example, here is what I put together for a friend of mine who recently had a baby girl.


 Floral crib blanket will make a beautiful addition to baby girl nursery bedding.



This awesome 3-D artwork could work as an adorable baby nursery decor.


Fail-proof gift idea: Baby book. 


Another small BUT such a useful item in your baby shower gift should be an awesome looking, non-toxic teether!

Do you see how all the items are coordinating? Floral in theme, with pink and white colors, lovingly crafted by small business momprenuers that really care about the quality of items produced. Wouldn't you be proud to gift someone special with this package?