5 examples of great crib bedding for colored cribs.

Today I want to talk about how to find the proper crib bedding for colored cribs as opposed to white or wooden cribs. Colored cribs have become quite popular recently and can make a beautiful statement in your baby's nursery, however many new moms feel unsure as to how to style such a crib. It can be extremely overwhelming, and so sometimes new moms will go with the safer choice, a white crib.

There is no need to feel scared of colors when picking out your new baby crip, the key is to find the right balance!

Here are 8 examples of beautifully styled colored cribs and why they will work in your baby's nursery:

1. Pink crib in Laila-Ali nursery.

Why this works:

The main print is subtle, delicate, and features the same pink as the crib. The sophisticated solid blue and soft-white fabrics are used within the crib bedding to break up the pattern.

The fabrics choices are limited, but that's what makes this bedding set elegant, while a bright green piping and ties bring a lively, sweet pop of color.

2. Bright Yellow crib:

Why this works:

The most safe way to go about dressing a colored crib is with a white or grey bedding. Here, a plain white crib sheet with a solid grey crib skirt lend this yellow baby crib a slightly vintage feel. If you keep the baby bedding simple , without any patterns, you can make up for it with bright colorful pillows or artwork as shown above. This set up created an easy, gender-neutral option you can enjoy for years to come.

3. Bright Red Crib

Why this works:

Again, this crib bed is brightly painted and the whole look is quite lovely because the crib bedding is simple and light. This color is so intense, it would have been a visual disaster if the crib bedding had more color and/or pattern.

I love how the red plays against the pale grey walls and how the artwork above brings pops of color. Well done!

4. Kelly Green crib

Why this works:

Now, this nursery is done with some skill! The crib is bright kelly green AND it has a patterned crib bedding. At first look, it might look a little mismatched and thrown together, but for this particular baby bedding it works! Why? Here are a few reasons:

The whole nursery has an obvious eclectic bohemian theme, it's modern, tribal, vintage and a little girly. This nursery is colorful but notice the neutral walls and all of the white within the accessories: teepee, faux fur rug, large artwork. Though this has a lot of patterns, the crib bedding is also mostly white with pink accents. And of course that rug! That rug pulls the whole nursery together with its aztec design and a rainbow of colors. Between this rug and an awesome watercolor artwork above, this kelly green crib looks absolutely fabulous! Modern mobile and colorful accessories sprinkled throughout the nursery complete the look.

5. Forest Green Crib

Not a big fan of kelly green? How about a more muted, forest green crib? This nursery has framed a colored crib with a neutral color palette. Crib bedding, walls and carpet are all in shades of beige. But what makes up for the lack of color is texture! Look at all the variety of textures in this nursery! One look at that wallpaper and a subtle theme of the african plains comes to mind. Crib bedding is an excellent choice with its simple, wheat color gingham crib sheets and comforter. Modern mobile and a woven basket complete the look perfectly!

So in conclusion, whether you chose to have a colored crib or not, it is important to keep the whole room in mind while selection the crib bedding. Don't be afraid of color and texture, but make sure you don't overwhelm the crib either. Start simple and build up layers as you go.

Find balance that balance, and when in doubt, remember, less is more. 

P.S. If you decide to paint the crib yourself, here is a great article about the process.