Crib blanket vs minky blanket


 So often I get a question from my customers - "What is the difference between your crib blanket and a minky blanket? And which should I get?"

 I cannot say for everyone, but I will explain the difference and the main purposes of these baby blankets as related in our particular store.

 Crib blanket, or as many call it, crib comforter or a crib quilt in our store, NewMomDesigns, stands for a thick, warm baby blanket that is constructed from 2 layers of cotton fabric and a thick but light and warm, batting in between. Think of it as a good thick sandwich, where the pieces of bread are cotton fabrics. You can pick from a huge variety of fabrics we carry in our store: you can choose to have the same print on both sides, or a fun print on one side and a coordinating solid on the other. Now, the filling of the sandwich is always the same: we use high quality, fluffy and soft poly batting that stands to numerous washings really well without sagging, ripping, tearing or bunching. Yep, all these things can happen if questionable quality batting is used. But not in our case!

 So all our sandwiches, I mean Crib Blankets ( or crib comforter/quilt) usually come with a our signature black/white stripe trim all around. This fun little accent adds an adorable twist and works in 90% of all our crib blankets. I don’t know what makes our black/white stripe trim so universal, but very rare a customer would ask to replace this trim with some other solid color, which of course, we can accommodate.

 (Photo by @newmomdesigns)


What can you use the crib blanket for?

 Well, at first, a crib blanket will mostly be busy beautifying your crib or your nursery. New moms like to hang it on the side of the crib or a rocking chair to radiate its adorable-ness.

 In just a few short months, you will find it useful for tummy time exercises or for laying it on the floor under the little gym. It will also be indispensable for picnics as its thick, warm body will keep the baby nice and dry and warm on the grass under a tree.

 Later, when the baby is 9-12 months old, you can start using the crib blanket in a crib for covering the child at night. Our crib blankets are generously sized ( 40x52) so they will last your kids all through toddlerhood.


 ( Photo by @aboyandhisgiraffe)

 ( Photo by NewMomDesigns customer)


 Minky blanket is a lightweight blanket constructed of 1 layer of cotton and 1 layer of minky. There is no batting in between, so if the crib blanket is a sandwich, a minky blanket is more like a pizza. Dough+topping. Minky+Cotton. Nothing is hiding in between.

 If you are not familiar with a term Minky - it is a super soft, fuzzy and cuddly polyester fabric you most likely have seen somewhere, as it is very popular with baby blankets. It comes in variety of textures, but Cuddle Dot seen in the image here is the most common:

 (Photo by Land of Oh)


What can you use the minky blanket for?

 Minky blankets can be used right away with a newborn. Since they are lightweight and smaller in size ( 36x40), minky blankets are often find its way into a stroller. Whether is a cool summer day, or a brisk early morning, a minky blanket is easy to grab, roll it and stick it into a diaper bag. You can use it as a cover during breastfeeding; throw it under the baby for a improvised changing station. Babies love minky for its soft and cuddly feel, little raised dots provide just the right texture for sensory playing.

 ( Photo by @tabithablue)

I also want to cover some issues that might come out when purchased minky blankets elsewhere.

 Minky fabric is stretchy. So whenever it is paired with a non-stretchy cotton print, it is super important to top stitch the blanket in the middle so that both layers are connected  in multiple seams and not only around the edges. Minky side of the blanket can sag and stretch and you end up with a weird potato sack instead of a cuddly blanket. So pay attention to this detail when selecting a minky blanket. Also, a cuddle dot minky ( with raised dots) should NOT be ironed as it will flatten those dots and fabric will stretch/sag.

 Sounds like a high-maintenance blanket?

 Absolutely not!

 When purchased from us, there is nothing to worry about! We use only high-quality minky fabric and top stitch our blankets so that they are nearly indestructible! They go into the washing machine and come out as new and ready to cuddle with again!

 So back to the question: which blanket do you need?

 Both are hardworking nursery pieces and each does its own job really well. Crib blanket and minky blankets are not interchangeable. You can never have too many blankets, and life is certainly easier when you have the right tools and basic within your reach.

 I suggest to get one of each, but you can certainly start with Minky blankets and use it with a newborn and, later, add a crib blanket to your nursery as well.