About us


Hey there!

My name is Elvina.

I am a stay-at-home mom that runs a baby bedding business out of our basement studio in Brooklyn, NY.

My background is in Interior Design, but after my second child, I had a change of heart about building a corporate career and instead, directed my creative flow into textile design. That quickly developed into a baby bedding business due to the numerous inquiries about offering baby products made from my fabrics. So here we are!

Purchasing online can be scary, I know! Especially from the unknown, small-business run by a stay-at-home mom type, BUT....We are real people that really care about our customers. We have been doing this for 5 years on Etsy and have over 1200 positive reviews to back us up! 

"Customer satisfaction" is a fancy and over-used phrase that doesn't fit our personality.

Instead, we'd like to say this : If you are happy, we are happy!  We want you to be delightfully surprised when you receive you order, we want you to use our products for years to come and enjoy them!  

Read our interview as a Featured Seller by Etsy.

Any questions or concerns? I am only a click away: hello@newmomdesigns.com