Anatomy of our play mat

Although our play mats come in variety of colors and designs,the basic core construction stays the same. We have searched and tested numerous materials before settling on current choices to make sure they stand the test of time, laundry and extra-hard playing!

So take a look at the features that make our play mats special:

  1. Stylish design that surely caught your eye among sea of other play mats out there. We made a point to create a baby play mat that plays nice with an interior of your home. Our play mats are functional, beautiful and could be placed in any room of the house without screaming nursery. Intricate geometric designs offer visual stimuli for the babies, without disrupting a well-designed interior.
  2. Some of our play mat offer fun crinkle flaps that reveal a cute little illustration underneath. Babies love new sounds and by grabbing the crinkle leaf they might be more inclined to move and roll, or lift their heads. Pay attention to the description of each mat as not all come with this feature.
  3. Another crinkle surprise on this AURORA mat.
  4. We receive so many questions about what these loops are for. The answer is for attaching things your baby can reach for, hold, suck on, shake, make noise with—rattles, large rings, squeeze toys, teething toys, etc.
  5. Probably the one feature any mom cares about the most - is it washable? YES! Our mats are machine washable and dry-able. I personally experienced it all : the spills, the spits and diaper explosions, and my mat still looks like new!
  6. Did you know that every play mat is painstakingly made by hand? No China factories here! Our family-owned business hires local seamstresses that work from home doing what they love!
  7. Central loop is for hanging the mat on a hook in a folded way (like a pizza slice) when not in use, or during floor cleaning.
  8. Three (3) perimeter loops that match decorative trim are for hanging the mat flat on a wall, as an artwork/wall hanging. Many of our customers hang them this way above the crib.
  9. All our mat feature a neutral grey cotton canvas backing. This makes all our mats reversible , in case you need a plain surface during your play.
  10. The mats are finished with a color coordinated binding trim all around the perimeter.
  11. All our play mats are top stitched ALL OVER to keep the batting from shifting and bunching during wash. We go the extra mile to produce long lasting products.
  12. Extra thick, commercial grade batting makes our play mats plush and substantial. Throw it on any floor, in any room and you have got yourself a cozy little corner to play and cuddle.