Meet the NewMomDesigns family!

Hey there,

Just in case you were wondering who is behind this little shop - pleased to meet you!

I started NewMomDesigns when these two grinning sillies were just two chubby babies hence the name "newmom". Well, I am not a new mom anymore, as you can see, but I am so happy that with your help I was able to grow this little brand while also raising my children.

I feel so blessed and gratefull for being able to do the work I absolutely love! More than that, when I receive your reviews, photos and thank you emails, I feel even more inspired to create! So, huge THANK YOU for every purchase, for your support, for spreading the word and promoting our brand, and even for reading this very message!

If you need to contact me with questions, check order status, or to simply say hello, please email me at

I usually respond within an hour, unless it is a weekend or holiday.