Who is behind Kubarem?



I am Elvina. 

I started this company because I believe baby products can and should be beautiful, functional and reflect your aesthetic, your taste.

I love beautiful interiors, I am a trained professional Interior Designer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. 

When I had my kids, I learned how quickly those unsightly plastic-blinking -noise-inducing toys can overtake the house! 

I am also a self-taught textile designer. While on maternity leave, I acquired fabric design skill to keep my creative flow and sanity intact, to be honest. And I am so grateful I did!

Later, instead of coming back to office work, I decided to open my own business.

I’ve come full circle, and by merging my Interior Design background with my love for textile design, I have created a gorgeous line of baby play mats that beautify any space you put them in.

I aimed for a modern, stylish, playful product that would be functional, but also fit into the aesthetic of a beautiful, well-designed home.

These are highly stylized, sophisticated play mats you will be proud to display and use in any room of the house, rather than confining them to the nursery. They are not babyish-looking ( as simply described by few of my customers) and they grow way beyond babyhood.